This is Dale E. Jones all right. But which one?

There are a lot of people with this name. There were nine Dale's in our Kansas City phone book (back when we had phone books) and two Dale E's. And one of them not only lives in our neighborhood, but he uses the same pharmacy. I'm glad he seems to be a law-abiding citizen, at least.

So here's a little information that may tell you if I'm the one you're looking for.


  • Nazarene Theological Seminary
  • MidAmerica Nazarene College/University (1975)
  • Mountlake Terrace High, 1968
  • And 20 more in Virginia, Illinois, Kansas, and Washington


  • Nazarene Headquarters from 1977 to 2019
  • Warford Elementary (custodian, not teacher!)
  • Welco Aerospace
  • K-Mart in Everett, Washington
  • Ben Franklin store, Lynnwood, Washington
  • Marriott's Ice Cream Parlor
  • Seattle Times newspaper boy
  • And miscellaneous others, besides work in local churches


  • Kansas City First Nazarene (teacher, choir member, missions president, quizzing, etc.)
  • Former Pastor Kansas City Summit View Nazarene
  • Kansas City Hillcrest Nazarene (teacher, choir member, Christian Life chairperson, quizzing, etc.)
  • El Dorado Nazarene (associate pastor)
  • Wellington Nazarene (teacher, choir member, youth leader, quizzing, etc.)
  • Atheistic agnostic for several years as a teen and young adult
  • Variety of Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist churches while growing up


  • Son of Mel and Donna
  • Husband of Kathy
  • Brother of Cathy, Gary, Norman, Sue, and David
  • Father of Mark, Sandee, and Stephen
  • Relative of a bunch of others

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