Hurricane Report One: Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon, 2:30 pm

Iíve taken two pictures from the hotel room, just to have something to compare to. Latest projections are that the eye will actually go west of us in Orlando. Frankly, Iíd just as soon have it go directly over Orlando. After all, Iím basically stuck in the hotel for the duration, so why not get to ďsee it allĒ? Okay, so thatís a mite bit self-centered. I can be content with the storm going over less populated territory.

Speculation: Actually, it occurred to me last night that Jesus once calmed a storm. What in the world would we in America make of it if He chose to make this one dissipate immediately? Weíd probably blame the weather forecasters for not anticipating the atmospheric changes and for scaring us for no reason. Perhaps thatís why we see so few miracles these days (note I do not say we see none). If Heís not going to get the glory for them, why bother? (Okay, thatís definitely too anthropomorphic.)

Iím going to head out to get some pictures at ground level. The storm is supposed to be closest to us tomorrow morning; if itís no worse than currently projected, Iíll try to get some good ďwindy picturesĒ as well.

A moment ago, looking at the pool area from my lofty 22-story height (being inside a hotel room with securely unopenable windows does not activate my acrophobia), I saw a palm branch blow across the concrete at a good clip. But thatís the only hint that Iíve seen so far. Occasional drops fall from the sky, but thatís pretty standard in Florida anyway. Florida actually gets more rain than Seattle, you know.

I just went out to get potential ďbeforeĒ pictures. I donít expect much of the scenery to change by Monday, but if I can get similar shots during the windstorm, it might be interesting. Currently, the palm fronds are tossing a bit at the top of the trunks, but nothing major and certainly no bending over in the wind. Iím not expecting to go out very far; even 30-mile-an-hour winds are no fun if thereís much rain in them. So I stood under the front portico and just outside the lobby doors poolside to get my photos.

So far as I can tell from the satellite pictures, the cloud cover and wind really is the leading fringe of Jeanne. But the heavy rains are still at least a county away, maybe 30 miles. The clouds are solid that direction, but nothing suggests to me that anything usual is approaching.

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