Hurricane Report Two: Saturday early evening

Saturday, 5:00 pm

The ground outside is now wet. The palm trees outside the pool and courtyard (that is, those not protected by the hotel and its outlying buildings) are gently but steadily pointing their fronds to the south. The trunks are swaying slightly, but the wind isnít very strong yet. Within the courtyard, surrounded on three sides by the hotel buildings, the palms are tossing their heads lightly, but they arenít steadily pointing in any direction.

The television is saying the steady wall of strong winds is 111 miles away from Orlando, so they anticipate weíll get them in about 7 hours.

Earlier, I went out with a couple other headquarters strandees (let me stress that my strandization is voluntary: following the storm, Iíll be completing some writing assignments in the anticipated quiet) and picked up supplies ďjust in case.Ē I have thirty of those little candles with cheap metal wrappers, a box of waterproof matches, and a supply of protein (lightly salted nuts, almond M&Ms), water, and fiber (pistachios). My laptop will work for several hours without power, if needed, although my link to the satellite pictures will be gone if the internet and cable die with the electricity. This hotel has not lost power in the previous hurricanes; but then, our house in KC didnít lose electricity during our first major ice storm, but did so with the latest one.

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