Hurricane Report Seven: Sunday evening

Sunday 8:15 pm

The protein (nuts, M&M’s) and fiber (pistachios) are all gone. I never had to use the stored water, although it was handy to detect the shaking of the tower. The candles and matches will come back to KC with me on Tuesday. The wind is strong, but definitely not as powerful. The distant high-rise hotels have come back into view. But now half the TV channels no longer work!

My selfish reason for staying here for the hurricane: an interest in the raw power of the storms. Wind fascinates me, as do many of nature’s wonders. The stars and planets provide a commentary on our existence that day-to-day life effectively hides. The plateaus of Southern Utah don’t need human intervention to thrive. God has set up a fantastically complex world, and I wanted a reminder of that through this weekend’s experience.

Many of you know that I am also impressed by a dramatic city skyline. The beauty of the Science Center in Seattle, not to mention the proposed Freedom Tower in New York, can awe me. Again, however, I give God the glory for the creativity he has given humans.

Would I spend another weekend aloft in a hotel during a major storm? Probably. But I’d choose a cabin in an unlit desert as well, just to see the Milky Way again. And I would gladly spend a day watching the tide rise and fall; having the waves crashing over boulders as well could keep me there for days. And I enjoy the beauty of the Colorado Rockies and the rushing headwaters of the Missouri. Tamed farmlands are beautiful, even when I know that they are perhaps even less “natural” than the housing development I live in.

Once in a while, I need a change of pace to remind me that God has created a world that doesn’t need me at all. The small role I get to play, whether in my local church, my Headquarters job, or even in my home and neighborhood, is an overwhelming privilege. This drastic change of routine has given me a new sense of God’s power and glory and “other-ness.” I hope these little reflections of mine have helped you to see life a little differently. May He bless and refresh each of you in whatever work He’s given you.

And tomorrow, I really have to get those writing assignments finished.

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