Travels with Dale

These pages will bring you along on some recent adventures. As always, your comments are welcome - and may end up on these pages!

Travels in Utah, 2004
Kathy and I took a vacation in southern Utah during May, 2004. Kathy has a raft of beautiful pictures. I have this collection of e-mail memories.

  • First report, Wednesday
  • Second report, Friday
  • Third report, Saturday
  • Fourth report, Sunday
  • Fifth report, Tuesday

    Hurricane, 2004
    A meeting in Orlando was cut short by the arrival of Hurricane Jeanne. Rather than abandon the city to the storm, I chose to stick around and watch.

  • First report, Saturday afternoon
  • Second report, Saturday early evening
  • Third report, Saturday late evening
  • Fourth report, Sunday morning
  • Fifth report, Sunday mid-morning
  • Sixth report, Sunday mid-afternoon
  • Seventh report, Sunday evening

    Family Trip, 1971
    Five of us six kids decided to drop in on the Kansas relatives and renew auld acquaintance.

  • First-hand recollections

    West Coast, 2005
    We are looking forward to our vacation later this year. We'll post our observations here.

  • Monday, The Beginning
  • Tuesday, The Long and Winding Road
  • Wednesday, The Redwoods and the Blue Seas
  • Thursday, The Heights, the Depths, and What is Real Food?
  • Friday to Sunday, Sleepless in Seattle
  • Monday, The Gorge-ous Cascades
  • Tuesday, More Volcanoes
  • Wednesday, Ups and Downs
  • Thursday, A Walk in the Trees
  • Final Report: Home Again

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