Utah Report One: Wednesday

Kathy and I deliberately chose an area of the country neither of us had visited before. Lani Miller spoke very highly of the national parks here, so we came to Utah.

Our first night, we stopped at a motel with a beautiful view of mountains on either side. We were given a room with a spectacular view of the indoor swimming pool's roof! I decided that we were spending good money on this trip, so I (politely) asked for a change of rooms. So we got a lovely view of the hotel on the other side. But if one craned one's neck as one looked through the window, one could tell there were mountains in the distance. *sigh*

I wrote this e-mail before we left that next morning.

Utah is a beautiful state. How did the Mormons get it?!

We arrived without incident and are heading south to the parks this morning. While I certainly hope you each get to experience Utah sometime--dramatic mountains, broad lakes, clear vistas--I won't say that I wish you were here! Kathy and I are enjoying the time together--alone!

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