Utah Report Three: Saturday

Time to move on, so we checked out some other sites. In addition to national parks, there were even historical markers!

Sadly, one of them indicated the location (in that barren wasteland) of a Japanese internment camp during WWII. Dad tried to paint a picture of the concerns the nation had at the time, but I really hope we've learned better. And as much as I think checking Kathy's shoes at the airport is a stupid way to fight terrorists, I am not in favor of locking up all people of middle-eastern descent *just in case* either.

Utah Arizona Update:

Most of Friday we stayed below D-level. Thatís our shorthand for ďDenverís elevation of 5,280 feet in elevation.Ē In fact, for a while we were at LP-level: we took the ferry boat across Lake Powell, a mere 3,800 feet above sea level. This was Kathyís concession to my continued weak knees every time she went to the edge of a cliff to admire the view. During the boat ride, she moved around comfortably enough, but probably disliked it as much as I disliked walking within sight of no more land.

Anyway, we then went to Capitol Reefs national park and left D-level far below. Absolutely stunning scenery, just put in the most uncomfortable places. And to think, it was my idea to visit southern Utah in the first place!

The injury to my large organ (skin) has moved already to the get-me-off-of-this-personís-head stage. Unlike a normal sunburn peel, wherein one can lift off square inches of former-dermis, these little flakes only let go partially. Iíve already learned by picking at these deserters that they havenít severed all ties to the extended forehead: blood from even a minor source on the head flows much too freely for my taste Ė or the taste of those who have to see my head (like Kathy or waitresses).

We plan to attend a Church of the Nazarene tomorrow, and thatís quite a feat, since there are none in southern Utah. Weíll be going over to northern Arizona instead, so Page is our goal for the day.

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