Utah Report Four: Sunday

The drive was long, but Kathy was up to it!

Kathy’s back was hurting yesterday morning, so we had to decide whether to continue seeing sites or head back to Salt Lake City. We decided to try a little driving, so we headed south to the next city, a mere 35 miles away. Well! Forget D-level! We had to go through a 9500-foot pass to get to the next town. I am so glad Kathy’s back traveled well, because there was no way I’d go back over that pass again, no matter the beauty.

We continued on south then, to the Escalante. I desperately hoped that the word meant “low valley,” even though it looked like “escalator” in English and even “escalera” in Spanish. It was again absolutely beautiful, but it’s hard to negotiate curves and vary one’s speed appropriately when every muscle in one’s body wants to freeze in terror. So eventually Kathy decided her back would feel better if she were driving rather than falling over a cliff. Of course, she was more tactful and just said she’d be willing to drive for a while to see if her back still felt okay. She drove the rest of the day!

We saw the amphitheater in Bryce Canyon. Stunning and breathtaking (along with the 8300-foot height, of course). A Japanese tourist who seemed to have limited English skills did note my GPS (and knew the brand name!) and could agree that we had “height.” I’m so glad Kathy did not get a video of my departure from the precipice which they put a fence around and then called an “overlook.” It was sort of a crouch-stagger-stumble-I-wish-I-could-crawl-with-dignity departure.

We made it to Page, and I even stood on the bridge over the dam and river (the bridge has a tall, overarching fence which helped me a little) and looked down. And HQ, take note: we have to move our dot for the Lake Powell church back into town; we have it in undeveloped land southwest of town. I’ll try to get the latitude longitude in a few minutes. [We have indeed updated our HQ database with the correct location, for those of you who are worried!]

E-mail response:

  • Kathy tells me that I'm the only old goat she saw! We did see lizards, deer, lizards, ground squirrels, and did I mention lizards?

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